No forming boxes are used for the coagulation and forming processes. After coagulation of the soymilk, the curds are pressed from above and below using a belt-like forming cloth.
After being drained, the tofu or pre-fried tofu is automatically cut at the outlet section and unloaded.

CAPACITY 500-5000 piece / h

Firm Tofu Production Line

The continuous production system without using forming boxes enables automated production from coagulation and aging to forming and cutting.

Continuous Production Line for Fried Tofu Pouches

A continuous production line designed for consistent high-volume production of fried tofu pouches.
We offer you the best system for your factory space and layout as well as production volume.

Packaged Tofu Production Line

Combined with a deaerator, a boiling & cooling tank, and a CIP cleaning system, this packaged tofu production line is of the highest quality.
Our curding know-how and advanced control technology enable immediate packaging of soymilk combined with coagulant (nigari).