40 DF-TAK-NNP : For deep-fried tofu cutlets. Single compartment, stainless steelbut legs are iron; 45 cm-square by 15 cm-deep container. Power, LPG(Liquid Propane Gas).

41 DF-TAK-NP : For deep-fried tofu pouches.Double compartment, stainless steel but legs are iron; 90 by 45 by 12 cm-deep, total container size. Power,LPG.


39 DF-TAK-MT : For draining water from dough of deep-fried tofu.Size: 45by 45 by180 cm. Stainless steel.


43 TB-NKR-C15 : Tofu burger shaper.Drops equally shaped dough on the belt. Capacity : 2400 pcs per hour. Size: 48 by 60 by 60 cm. 3 phase, 0.4Kw. Hopper isstainless steel and forming unit is aluminum.


50 YB-TAK-YBM : Heats soymilk directly to form a film(called "yuba") on the surface of soymilk, Capacity: 18 sheets per hour (yuba size: 35 by 40 cm). Outside dimensions: 60 by 240 by 170 cm. Single phase, 0.05 Kw. Stainless steel.


61 SP-TON-HE : Heat exchanger, consists of a series of thin troughed plates surrounded by circulating cold water. Quikly cools hot soymilk from 85℃ to 35℃ by underground water (25℃), and to 15℃ by chiled water(7℃).Without pump.Capacity: soymilk 150 liters(HE150) or 300 liters(HE300) per hour. Size: 19 * 44 * 71 cm. Troughed plates are stainless steel and body is iron.


These work well using film and containers made of styrol, polypropylene, or vinyl chloride. Send us your container as a sample when you order, to desigh the sealer to meet your needs. They heat to about 300℃. The placement of the pattem is adjustable with the dial. Automatic placement by sensor is available at your option.

70 HS-KYO-K720 : The smallest automatic model on the market. Packages 720 cakes per hour. Size: 100 by 48 by 170 cm. Motor, single phase, 200 watts. Heater, single phase, 400 to 500 watts. Excludes date printer. Stainless steel frame model K720(S) avaiable.

71 HS-KYO-K1020 : Automatic. Packages 800 to 1600 cakes per hour. Size: 140 by 54 by 170 cm. Motor, single phase, 300 watts. Heater, single phase, 400 to 500 watts. Larger models that will package up to 3800 cakes per hour also available.Includes date printer. Stainless steel frame model K1020(S) and packaged lactone tofu model K1020J, K1020J(S) available.


Fills and seals soymilk or other beverages in polyethylene bags. Capacity of the bag ranges from 150 to 500 g. To ensure longer shelf life, pasteurizing is available.

73 HS-BNN-TS4 : Manual. Package 400 pcs (250g) per hour. Size : 45 by 60 by 95 cm. Heater, single phase, 500 watts. Pump, single phase, 130 watts. Body is iron.

74 HS-BNN-TF60 : Semi-automatic filler. Packages 600 pcs (250 g) per hour. Size: 55 by 70 by 140 cm. Automatic sealing. Heater, single phase, 1 Kw . Pump, single phase, 130 watts. Compressor, single phase, 200 watts. Body is iron.


77 HS-TON-F78 : Manual.Vacuum packages firm tofu in strong and non-permeable laminated bags made of nylon and polyethylene. Packages 600 to 900 cakes per hour. Size: 125 by 80 by 120 cm. 3phase electricity. Vacuum pump, 2.2 Kw. Heater, 0.3Kw.


80 IN-TON-RE : Refractometer. Essential for measuring the percent of soluble solids in soymilk, Compact, hand held.

81 IN-TON-TM : Didital thermometer for measuring temperature of soymilk. Wide range and sccurate. Measuring range: -50 to 999 ℃. Resolution: 1℃.