Price: FOB JAPAN 6,230,000 JPY or FCA JAPAN 6,230,000 JPY

Container :40HC*1pce volimetric capacity :17M3

note: FOB JAPAN and FCA JAPAN are implemented in relation to Incoterms2000.Price is subject to change without notice.Fee of Instruction for operating machine is included in the price. In case of small-scale equipment, we do not dispatch our engineers to your place,only lecture/training is provided in Japan, and its expenses are borne by you.

Primary machineries:
Mini-Three (Conical stone mill, Slurry tank and Pressure cooker), Hydraulic Presser, Curding barrels, Air Cylinder Press and Table and Cooling tanks
*Steam generator at 125kw is required additionally for this system.
Summary of the system:
Grinds soaked soybeans, cooks grinded puree, extracts soymilk from cooked puree (separates Okara), makes soymilk curded and make it formed as Tofu.

Processes raw soybeans at 40kg/h then produces firm Tofu at 65 to 90kg/h.
Note! The reason why the capacity ranges between 65 and 90kg/h is due to dehydration-ratio of Tofu. It depends on regionality highly.
At 65kg/h, Tofu tends to be harder with less water. At 90kg/h, it tends to be softer adversely.
Please apply your country's conditions to sizes of products.

2 persons (A and B) are engaged in works in case of following the time-chart below. (person C is for other works.)

Operator Content Oparate No. The details for content
Preparations on the day before
A Measuring raw soybeans 1 Measure raw soybeans you may use to cook at one time, put that amount of raw soybeans into netted bags or something containers.
A Soaking raw soybeans 2 Put water to the full in containers which each measured groups of soybeans are in. (Raw soybeans swell 2.2 times larger!)
Works on that day
A Taking water out 1 Take soaked soybeans out of containers then put water away.
A Grinding soaked soybeans 2 Grind soaked soybeans by a stone mill with water.Grinded puree flows into a slurry tank.
A Adjusting density 3 Adjust density of grinded puree in a slurry tank with water.
A Cooking grinded puree 4 Eject all of grinded puree into a pressure cooker with a ejector.After that, cook the grinded puree in a pressure cooker with steam.After 5 minutes, temperature in a cooker will be around 105℃ (cooked without air).
A Expelling cooked puree 5 After cooking, open the Outlet valve then expel cooked puree to a hydraulic presser by internal pressure and pressure of steam.
A Extracting soymilk 6 Take cooked puree with a pressing sack at hydraulic presser then cover it with care not to spill it out.After that, close a lid of hydraulic presser then press it and extract soymilk.Soymilk comes out from a pipe on the hydraulic presser.Okara remains in the pressing bag. Take it out then wash the pressing bag for the next.
A Removing particles 7 Let soymilk in a curding barrel covered with a straining bag.After all soymilk comes out, strain soymilk in a straining bag.
A Curding soymilk 8 Put a couple of coagulant into soymilk then agitate it well.
A Maturing soy-curd 9 Keep it matured for 15 to 20 minutes in a calm after agitating.
B Placing soy-curd 10 Set forming box clothes on forming boxes then place soy-curd in those forming boxes. In this case, sometimes soy-curd is broken roughly to facilitate placing-work easier.Hardness of Tofu is changeable depending on these breaking-work and/or placing-work.
B Forming soy-curd 11 Cover the soy-curd in the forming box with a forming box cloth then put a lid on the forming box.Press it by Air Cylinder Press and Table.Air Cylinder Press and Table is equipped with a function, low-pressure and high-pressure,. Firstly press it at low-pressure then after a while, at high-pressure.In the process above, in case temperature of soy-curd is low and/or an amount of coagulant is not decent, Tofu cannot be produced.
B Cutting Tofu 12 Remove the forming box and forming box clothes under the water in a tank, in case Tofu is soft.In case Tofu is hard, remove the forming box and forming box clothes not under the water.After removing those, cut Tofu with a knife under or not under the water.
B Cooling Tofu 13 To keep Tofu fresh, put pieces of Tofu in a cooling tank then cool those for 2 hours or more.It is necessary to let tap-water keep flowing not to increase temperature of water in the tank.
C Storing Tofu 14 Put cooled Tofu in containers (which you are to arrange) then keep those in a fridge for more cooling.The core-temperature of Tofu should be less than 5℃ in a fridge.


Equipments are self-standing type.Equipments are to be installed indoors.Equipments are to be installed away from fire. Equipments are to be installed horizontally.

Machinery name Supplied Water Supplied Air Supplied Steam Power Weight Main Materials
Conical Stone Mill Flow:1m3/h Pressure:0.3MPa
No use No use 1.5kw/h 100kg SUS304 Aluminum Iron
Slurry Tank Flow:2m3/h Pressure:0.3MPa
No use *Flow:200kg/h Pressure:0.4MPa Nozzle:20A No use 50kg SUS304
Pressure Cooker Flow:3m3/h Pressure:0.3MPa
No use *Flow:200kg/h Pressure:0.4MPa Nozzle:20A No use 120kg SUS304
Hydraulic Presser No use No use No use 0.1kw/h 200kg SUS304
Air Cylinder Press and Table No use Flow:0.1NL Pressure:0.6MPa Nozzle:10A No use No use 210kg SUS304
Air compressor No use No use No use 0.2kw/h 40kg Iron

"*Flow" in a line of Supplied Steam means quantity of evaporation.