Type:Small-Scale Soymilk Production

Price: FOB JAPAN 13,800,000 JPY or FCA JAPAN 13,800,000 JPY

Container :40HC*1pce volimetric capacity 25M3

note: FOB JAPAN and FCA JAPAN are implemented in relation to Incoterms2000.Price is subject to change without notice.Fee of Instruction for operating machine is included in the price. In case of small-scale equipment, we do not dispatch our engineers to your place,only lecture/training is provided in Japan, and its expenses are borne by you.

Please note that this machinery is produced Soy milk with smell so that can be used to Tofu production using of parts of W30C which has our minimum system.Keeping qualiry is same as Tofu, because the sterilize is normal bacillo level by heating around 90 degree and no processling in aseptic sterilize absolutely and package configuration.Storing is to be needed of keeping refrigerated and shelf life is one day in case most shotage and around 3 days in case most longest depending on terms.The operation for this machinery is not automatically and be oparated switch and handling for valve by manual labor. Please review the details as follows.

Primary machineries:
Mini-Three (Conical stone mill, Slurry tank and Pressure cooker), Roller Extractor, Pasteurizer, Filling Machine, Capper, Boiling Tank, 1st Cooling Tank and 2nd Cooling Tank.
*The production process before Soymilk production is same as the machinery of W30C. Please refer the details in page of W30C.
*Steam generator at 125kw and air compressor at 0.2kw, the chiller system with low temperature for chiller water is required additionally for this system.
*Packaging machine is not included in this specification. We request to customer check the package presentation and material each area and ready them.

Summary of the system:
Grinds soaked soybeans, cooks grinded puree, extracts soymilk from cooked puree (separates Okara), makes soymilk, pasteurizes it and fills it into containers.But soymilk produced with this system has raw-smell.

This system is composed of
1 producing soymilk,
2 pasteurizing soymilk,
3 filling soymilk into containers,
4 boiling and cooling soymilk,
four procedures above.

In detail:
1 Firstly, complete producing soymilk for an amount of 1-day production.

2 Use a tank-type pasteurizer for pasteurizing soymilk.So an amount of soymilk produced is less than the maximum capacity of the tank or a number of bottles you fill soymilk into.Keep heating a prescribed amount of soymilk by the pasteurizer for prescribed duration at prescribed temperatures.After pasteurizing, cool it down with the pasteurizer to meet heatproof temperature of containers if necessary.

3 Temperature of soymilk should be high to sterilize inside of the containers in the filling procedure.Place an empty container on the filling machine by manual-work then fill soymilk into it with the machine automatically.After filling, take it and put a cap with the capper by manual-work.

4 In boiling and cooling procedure, put bottles filled with soymilk in baskets and put those baskets in the boiling tank then boil those for prescribed duration at prescribed temperatures.After that, cool those in the 1st cooling tank for prescribed duration.The purpose of this procedure is to roughly decrease temperatures of soymilk by keeping tap-water running.After that, cool those in the 2nd cooling tank for prescribed duration at prescribed temperatures.In this procedure, cool with circulating water made it cooled with a chilling machine under 5℃ to keep temperatures of soymilk under 10℃.

In this system, each procedure is independent so that there is no capacity based on "Production quantity per hour".Within a day, all procedures are done then the outcome is the production quantity PER DAY.

In producing soymilk,
processes raw soybeans at 40kg/h then produces soymilk at Brix7% at 320L/h.In case a pasteurizer has a capacity of 400L, it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.For details, refer to W30.

In pasteurizing soymilk,
pasteurizes by heating for 1 hour after a certain quantity of soymilk is held in the pasteurizer.In this procedure, pasteurization is at normal pressure. That means temperature in the tank won't go over 100℃ so it is possible to pasteurize Escherichia coli and normal bacteria but it is not possible to pasteurize heatproof spore forming bacteria, lactic acid bacterium and others.

In filling soymilk into containers,
All works are done by manual-work except filling soymilk into containers.So it depends on workers' skills but normally 200 bottles/h by 500cc-container could be achieved.Production capacity is up to capacity of containers. Even if capacity of containers is small, the production capacity won't increase much.And it depends on the following process, boiling and cooling soymilk, also.

In boiling and cooling soymilk,
In case of using baskets each size is L390xW280xH200, each tank can contain 6 baskets in itself. It is presumed that 1 basket can contain 18 bottles.So 108 bottles (6 baskets x 18pcs each) can be in each tank.It takes 1.5 hours if boiling:30min, 1st cooling:30min and 2nd cooling:30min are needed.The capacity would be 200 bottles/h in such a case.

So duration to complete 800 bottles if soymilk of 400L by 500cc-container is presumed to be taken, and; If around 30min is taken starting from filling soymilk, putting those in baskets and placing those in the boiling tank including preparation before,the process of filling soymilk and the process of boiling & cooling soymilk are conducted simultaneously,the capacity of both processes is the same as at 200 bottles/h,
2 + 1 + 0.5 + 4 + 1.5 = 9 hours
But the calculation above is based on the idea that;2 persons are engaged in the work,Mini-Three and Roller Extractor is washed after their operation while soymilk is pasteurized with the pasteurizer, the pasteurizer, the filling machine and the capper is washed after their operation while bottles are at boiling and cooling process.But if a situation is not such as that, additional 2 hours occurs for washing machineries.

Equipments are self-standing type.Equipments are to be installed indoors.Equipments are to be installed away from fire. Equipments are to be installed horizontally.

Machinery name Supplied Water Chilled Water Supplied Air Supplied Steam Power Weight Main Materials
Conical Stone Mill From pressure cooker No use No use No use 1.5kw 100kg SUS, Aluminum, Iron
Slurry Tank From pressure cooker No use No use From pressure cooker No use 50kg SUS304
Pressure Cooker Flow:2m3/h Pressure:0.3MPa Nozzle:20A No use No use *Flow:200kg/h Pressure:0.5MPa Nozzle:20A 0.1kw/h 120kg SUS304
Roller Extractor (Type-C) No use No use No use *Flow:50kg/h Pressure:0.1MPa Nozzle:15A 0.4kw/h 300kg SUS304 Iron
Soymilk Tank
(including pump)
No use No use No use No use 0.2kw/h 250kg SUS304
(including pump)
Flow:2m3/h Pressure:0.1MPa Nozzle:25A No use No use *Flow:200kg/h Pressure:0.2MPa Nozzle:25A 0.6kw/h 600kg SUS304
Filling Machine No use No use No use No use 0.1kw/h 20kg SUS304
Capper No use No use No use No use No use 10kg Iron, Aluminum
Boiling Tank Flow:2m3/h Pressure:0.3MPa Nozzle:20A No use No use *Flow:200kg/h Pressure:0.2MPa Nozzle:25A No use 200kg SUS304
1st Cooling Tank Flow:2m3/h Pressure:0.3MPa Nozzle:20A No use No use No use No use 200kg SUS304
2nd Cooling Tank Flow:2m3/h Pressure:0.3MPa Nozzle:20A Circle Flow:2m3/h Pressure:0.3MPa Nozzle:25A No use No use No use 200kg SUS304
Air compressor No use No use No use No use 0.2kw/h 40kg Iron
"*Flow" in a line of Supplied Steam means quantity of evaporation.